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Cost-effective and reliable tow truck and roadside assistances services in Natick, MA.

Towing Service for Natick, MA

Fast and reliable 24/7 tow truck & vehicle roadside assistance service.

• Towing
• Roadside assistance
• Flat tire repair
• Vehicle lockout
• Fuel delivery
• Jump starts
• Emergency towing
• Long-distance towing
• Collision towing

High-quality, reliable, and inexpensive tow truck service company in Natick, MA and the Middlesex County area. Think of Natick Towing first! We provide 24-hour emergency and non-emergency towing as well fuel delivery, jump starts, flat tire repair, vehicle lockout assistance and a roadside assistance service that is second to none. Call (508) 206-9588, and we will immediately send a professional tow truck driver to move your vehicle safely.

When you call, give us all the details about your situation and the disabled vehicle, such as what happened, what the problem seems to be, where the vehicle is located, where you need us to take it, the vehicle make and model, and any other specific and relevant information about the vehicle. Is it front-wheel drive? All-wheel drive? Automatic or manual transmission? Are there any fluid leaks or dangerous damage?

We will dispatch one of our toughest trucks and most skilled technicians immediately and provide you an affordable and reasonable quote for our services. 

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Tow Service Pricing Guarantee

We will always provide you with a fair and competitive tow truck service price and quote. We set ourselves apart from other towing companies by ensuring that our service costs are reasonable enough to suit the needs of Natick and surrounding town residents.

Impound Yard Information

Natick Towing does not impound any vehicles for any amount of time. If a vehicle has been towed, please call the police department to locate and identify the towed vehicle. While rare and unusual for a vehicle to be removed from its location, it is possible in some circumstances. If a vehicle is removed, it was likely parked illegally or was identified as a stolen vehicle and reported to the police department.

A vehicle may also be towed if it is blocking traffic and the vehicle owner or driver is not present. Similarly, if streets are being cleared by the authorities for a large public event, your vehicle may also be towed. In these instances, the police department are solely responsible for the specifics and details on the whereabouts or destination of a towed vehicle. In order for Natick Towing to provide towing services, the vehicle should be released from an impound yard. We cannot provide towing services to vehicles under police control.

Additional Vehicle Services

We also offer tractor-trailer towing services, lowboy and caravans. Call us for more information regarding acceptable tongue weights or any other questions at (508) 206-9588.

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Our Services

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is when a truck or trailer is equipped with a large flat platform to tow cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles.

Long-Distance Towing

Long distance towing is defined as transporting a vehicle over a distance of 100 miles.

Short Distance Towing

Short distance towing is defined as a local move within a town, city, or the surrounding area.

Wheel-Lift Towing

Wheel-lift towing is a newer towing technique where a hydraulic lift system is used to raise a vehicle's front or rear wheels off of the ground, leave two wheels to keep the vehicle rolling behind the towing vehicle.

Tire Changes

Flat tire? If you need a tire change and don't have a spare or can't do it yourself, we are here to help.

Vehicle Wreck Salvage

We pick up and tow totaled vehicles that have been in collisions. 

Jump Starts

If your car or truck battery is dead, needs a charge, or needs to be replaced, we can rapidly dispatch a response truck to get you back on the road in minutes.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of gas or diesel on the road, we can bring you more to get you back to driving.

Car Lockout Service

Lost your keys? Locked them inside your car or truck? We'll rapid dispatch a technician to get you back into your vehicle in no time. 


Winching is a roadside assistance service where we use a motorized pulley and a strong steel cable to pull your car or truck back to even ground.

Roadside Assistance

Natick Towing & Roadside Assistance offers a number of roadside assistance services for any situation.

Junk Vehicle Removal

If you have a car or truck that doesn't start any more or was totaled in a collision, we will come and remove the vehicle and free up space on your property.

Customer Testimonials

"The truck came very quickly and the team did a very quick and efficient job. Extremely satisfied."

Customer Testimonial

Martin S.

Natick, MA

"When I locked my keys in my car, Natick Towing had me back in the driver's seat in less than 15 minutes!"

Customer Testimonial

Jessica B.

Wellesley, MA

"Professional and reliable. These guys are there when you need them."

Customer Testimonial

Mike P.

Newton, MA

"Great experience on a really terrible day. I know who to call if I'm ever in trouble in the future." 

Customer Testimonial

Denise R.

Ashland, MA

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Whether you need a jump start or you were in a collision and need your totaled car towed, Natick Towing is here for 24/7 service to help.

Vehicle Health and Safety

  • If possible, move disabled vehicle onto the right shoulder of the road.
    If you are able, try to move the vehicle onto the right shoulder of the road before attempting any any repairs or calling Natick Towing. In the event that a person or pet has been locked inside the vehicle, break the windows and call the police for immediate help. Please do not leave children, elderly people, or pets inside the car.

    Never attempt to exit a vehicle in the middle of a road or high-traffic intersection. If there is an incident, alert other drivers to move around you by switching on your hazard lights and rolling down your windows if you're able to gesture to other drivers. If your vehicle has broken down at night, attempt to turn on the interior cabin lights to alert oncoming traffic that there is an obstacle in the road. Do not stand outside of your damaged vehicle on the traffic-facing side. This puts you at risk, as you may not be visible to other drivers, and may result in additional serious accidents, injury, or even fatality. Call Natick Towing and we'll dispatch a truck to your location right away.
  • When a vehicle is overheating, pull over immediately and shut off the engine.
    Do not attempt to drive the vehicle while the engine is still too hot and overheating. Allow the engine to cool sufficiently before starting the vehicle or attempting to drive again. Take caution and do not attempt any repairs or diagnosis while the engine is still hot, as it can be very dangerous to the touch and result in severe burns or other injury. You may add antifreeze to the radiator only when then engine has cooled down.

    Once the engine is cooled and you're driving again, pay close and careful attention to the temperature gauge and ensure that it is staying within a safe range. If your vehicles engine heats up again to a critical temperature, carefully signal and pull over to the side of the road and turn off the engine and allow it to cool fully again. Ensure that your vehicle has proper engine oil as well as regular scheduled oil changes.
  • Don't drive distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.​​
    Always exercise the utmost caution and safety while operating a motor vehicle. Do not texting, call, or drinking while driving. Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As a licensed driver, you are responsible for your safety, your passengers, and others on the road. Text messages can wait. If your mobile phone has a Do Not Disturb or Driving Mode, ensure that this mode is switched on for the duration of your drive. Over 33 % of vehicle accidents in the United States are directly results of drivers under the influence of alcohol or driving distractedly, using phones while driving. Do not become another statistic. Drive smart.

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We're always here to assist you with all of your roadside, vehicle, and towing needs.
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